About Mars

MARS is a project centred around a music video, telling the story of everyone's FAVOURITE sci-fi action hero: Captain Jonny Murray. The music video features the story of Jonny and his crew travelling to the planet Mars on a top secret mission to retrieve a sacred artefact. This narrative is built out through: video logs where we learn how the characters feel about the mission; a game where you control Jonny's ship, the Starship Madonna, as it navigates through an asteroid field on the journey to Mars AND a short story (including a play and a film script) which details Captain Jonny Murray gathering his crew for this mission. ALL OF THIS plus a plethora of behind the scenes content such as concept art and the making of. A lot of hard work has gone into this project from a lot of incredible people, who have earned the treasured placement of their names below. As well as their individual roles, I want to thank everyone for being awesome and allowing me to demand constant feedback on the work so that we could try and produce a project of the highest quality possible. I hope you enjoy exploring the various elements of this project! - James Wade


James Wade

Producer, Director, Editor and Band

Doug Wallace

Producer, Director, Editor and Band

Louis Leatherbarrow

Producer, Band, Tech Wizard and Set Construction

Tommy Leatherbarrow

Band, Actor, Set Construction

Harry Andrews

DOP and Editor

Chris Vasey

Site Developer

Jonny Murray


Amber Watson


Sam Collier

Actor and Game Creator

Will Earl

Actor and Game Music Composer

Rob Hamilton

Actor, Set Design and Game Creator

Johnny Hastings

Actor and Author of the Short Story

Holly Crawford


Joe McKenzie

Actor and Alien Alphabet Designer

Lucie Moss


Edie Walwyn

Social Media Manager

Luke Foster

Behind The Scenes Camera Operator and Video Editor