Short Story

About the Story

Here is the short story accompanying MARS, written by Johnny Hastings. There are two versions below, Human and Martian. If I was you I would download the Human version. BUT, if you have too much free time you can use the Martian version of the story as a Rosetta Stone to figure out what the Martian alphabet is. And then if you have WAY TOO MUCH free time (go get a job or make a multimedia sci-fi project, you bum) you can find hidden messages I placed in the main MARS music video in the Martian language (hint any words you find specifically on walls and floors...) and translate them from MARTIAN into HUMAN. If anyone figures this out, let us know on the Calamari Tofu Party facebook page. You will get a prize... More importantly, I hope you enjoy this fantastic story that Johnny has done for us!